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11.25.2009 - 10:57

WTO Anniversary Events

Reclaim the spirit of Seattle 99! Join us for a Week of Action (Nov 27 – Dec 5) on the 10th anniversary of the WTO protests and in advance of the UN Climate Change conference in Copenhagen.

11.16.2009 - 21:48

VIDEO: Jewish Voice for Peace Protests AIPAC Cover Up

Jewish Voice for Peace, with the help of a brass band, protested AIPAC's appearance in Seattle on November 15, 2009.
11.12.2009 - 13:56

November 13th and 14th: Commemoration of the 1919 Centralia Tragedy

The Centralia Tragedy of 1919 is a major event in U.S. labor history. On November 11, 1919, there was a showdown in Centralia, WA between members of the American Legion and the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW). Four Legionnaires were killed and an IWW organizer, Nathan Wesley Everest, was tortured and lynched. Eight IWW members were sentenced to 25-40 years in prison for shooting the Legionnaires, but no community members were ever brought to trial for the lynching of Everest.

2009 marks the 90th anniversary of this tragedy. Lewis County residents, the Pacific Northwest Labor History Association, regional labor unions, the Labor Center, staff and faculty from Centralia College, and rank-and-file union workers have put together a series of events to commemorate the Centralia Tragedy and to honoring the struggle we in the working class continue to fight against those who put profits before people.
11.12.2009 - 13:31

November 14th: Victory! Approve 71 Thank-You Rally

Thanks to the community for making history this election day. 31 states have tried to win marriage equality on the ballot and 31 states have lost. We became the first state in the country to put legal protections for same-sex couples and the ballot… AND WE WON. Now it’s time to celebrate our historic victory.

Join in celebrating our historic win and thanking the community for their dedication and support. MC’d by Aleksa Manila; Featured speaker: Lt. Dan Choi. Also featuring Marsha Botzer, Eduardo Brambila, Josh Castle, members of the Approve 71 Campaign and LGBT couples whose rights we defended!

Westlake Center
Saturday, November 14th, 12-1:30 pm

10.29.2009 - 11:22

VIDEO: Polar Bear Disrupts Business-As-Usual

Squad cars and police from Seattle and Homeland Security surrounded the federal building in Seattle on Saturday, responding to a protest against cap-and-trade by Climate SOS and One Earth Climate Action group.

10.29.2009 - 01:27

VIDEO: Report Back from the October 22nd Protest Against Police Brutality

Seattle's 14th annual national day of protest to stop police brutality, repression, and the criminalization of a generation was marked by a march and speakers.
10.28.2009 - 19:47

VIDEO: On Trial for Speaking Out: Wyking Garrett

The Coleman School in Seattle, WA was occupied in 1985 by a group of black men who demanded it be preserved and transformed into a community center for the community. As consistently happens, the government along with the Urban League of Seattle turned the building into a condominium with an excuse for a 'museum' on the first floor.

If you truly support self-determination, reparations, grassroots community development, pay very close attention to this case and the larger politics surrounding it.

10.28.2009 - 08:58

November 10th: No Olympics on Stolen Native Land

Beginning in mid-November, 2009, organizers from No2010, an Indigenous anti-Olympics organization, will travel down the West Coast of the US to conduct a speaking tour on the resistance to the 2010 Olympics, to share their experiences, and to promote an anti-colonial & anti-capitalist convergence that will coincide with the opening days of the Games in February, 2010 (Feb. 10-15, the Olympic Games begin Feb. 12).

November 10th, 7:00 PM
Cascade People's Center
309 Pontius Ave N
Seattle, WA
10.26.2009 - 23:41

PMR Vigil

October 26, 2009 PMR Vigil at Percival Landing, Olympia, Washington PMR Vigil at Percival Landing. People are complicit in acts of aggression when the military uses their municipal ports for shipping. Long live the Resistance. No to imperialism.
10.26.2009 - 16:39

November 20th: OLYMPIA GenderJam: LAD.I.Y. & TRANS FEST 2009

GJ GenderJam will participate in the Trans Day of Remembrance on the evening of November 20, with a special event at the Procession Studio starting at 8 p.m.

All three days will feature skill-sharing and performances by GenderJammers from throughout the Northwest. Skill-sharing topics include book-binding, astronomy, comics, drag performance, massage techniques, self defense, acrobalancing, piercing and tattoos, portable stove making, ICE Resistance, how to pants the cops without them knowing, making earrings, square dancing, songwriting, screen printing, and more!
10.26.2009 - 01:38

VIDEO: Merry Mural March

Despite the rain, people came out to dedicate the Olympia-Rafah Solidarity Mural (ORSMP) on October 17th. The Community Samba Drummers led a procession through downtown Olympia, ending at the mural, celebrating the connection between the people of Rafah and Olympia.

The Olympia-Rafah Solidarity Mural Project is a public art project that crosses borders and recognizes the unique relationship that exists between the people of Olympia, Washington, the people of Rafah, Occupied Palestine, and all people who struggle and work for justice. ORSMP is co sponsored by the Middle East Children’s Alliance, the Gaza Community Mental Health Program, and Olympia Salvage Company.

The ultimate goal of the project is to use culture and technology in innovative ways to increase the strength and visibility of movements working for social change in Palestine, Israel, the US and the world.

10.20.2009 - 21:57

More Photos from Sunday Protest at Fort Lewis

Prisoners of Conscience 47 Photos from Rally to Demand Freedom for Travis Bishop and Leo Church.
10.20.2009 - 16:02

VIDEO: Molly Gibbs on GI Voice and Coffee Strong

Molly Gibbs speaks about GI Voice and Coffee Strong and the need for public help for returning veterans.
10.20.2009 - 15:41

October 27th: Afghan Women Speak: RAWA Comes to Olympia

Among the many excuses for the US war in Afghanistan is that the US is saving the Afghan women. But what do Afghan women have to say about this?

The most outspoken Afghan women's organization is RAWA, the Revolutionary Association of Women of Afghanistan. For over 30 years, RAWA has struggled against the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, the fundamentalism of both the Taliban and the Northern Alliance, and the US occupation of Afghanistan.

Now members of RAWA are touring the US to tell you their story at two events in Olympia
10.20.2009 - 15:19

October 22nd: “We Are All Workers" -- Labor Struggles at the UW

The organizations Democracy Insurgent (DI), International Workers and Students for Justice (IWSJ), For a Democratic University (FADU), Employment Justice Action, and Radical Women will host a panel presentation on the UW Seattle campus on Thursday, October 22 2009 at 7:00 pm in Thomson Hall, Room 101. The event, entitled “We are All Workers,” will include panelists who are members of the custodial staff, a trade worker on campus, classified staff at UW, a student worker, a teaching assistant, and an unemployed worker from West Seattle. The university and larger Seattle community are invited to come hear stories from those involved in these struggles, as well as other workers and students.
10.19.2009 - 12:03

VIDEO & PHOTOS: Protest at Fort Lewis Highlights Abuses at Fort Lewis Brig

October 18, 2009 -- Veterans from around the northwest converged on Fort Lewis on Sunday to protest the violation of prisoners' rights at the Fort Lewis brig. Joining the protest were attorneys from the National Lawyers Guild who were attending the Guild's national conference in Seattle.

10.19.2009 - 10:26

October 22nd: 14th Annual National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality

The 14th annual National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality, Repression, and the Criminalization of a Generation will take place on Thursday, October 22, 2009 in roughly two dozen cities across the country. Seattle's contribution to this day will include:

Gather starting at 5:00pm
Rally starting at 5:30pm
March starting at approximately 6:15pm
Occidental Park (between S Washington St & S Main St and 1st Ave S & 2nd Ave S) in Seattle's Pioneer Square district.

10.18.2009 - 12:36

October 21st: Tacoma PMR Antiwar Protest

When: Wednesday, October 21 @ 5:00 PM
Where: Wapato Park (South 72nd between Alaska and Sheridan Streets) Tacoma with march to Tacoma Mall Recruiting Center

Help build the anti-war movement and put a stop to the U.S. wars in Iraq and Afghanistan!
5:00 rally at Wapato Park and march to the Tacoma Mall Recruiting Center at 5:30 PM. Bring family, friends, banners and signs.

10.16.2009 - 15:37

Tacoma Port Militarization Resistance!

Strykers are coming in!!! Let’s get together to chat and see what we’d like to do about the militarization of our port!
10.14.2009 - 22:46

U.S. out of Afghanistan now! - DEMONSTRATE Saturday, October 17 @ 1pm

Date: Saturday, October 17
Time: 1:00 p.m.
Location: Seattle Central Community College (Broadway & Pine)